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A Rural Development Organization

Fostering skill development in rural communities 


Skill Development – It is not just what we do as a job, but rather a career, it improves the skill of individual and regulates employment. According to World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2012, India will have 25% of the total global workforce by about 2025. As we know, youths and women always play a crucial role in achieving the economic growth and prosperity of any country.


India is lagging behind due to various problems i.e., poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, medical infrastructure, etc. Skill development can mitigate poverty, utilize demographic dividend, socio-economic empowerment of underprivileged sectors that achieve economic growth, and reduce social challenges & economic inclusion.


In the present time, most of the youths and women being educated but facing severe unemployment problems due to the lack of skills, guidance, and technical education. Most of the youths are unaware of the developments and schemes provided by Govt.


BEEM Rural Development Organization (BRDO) is being a developmental organization based in Korategere Taluk, Tumkur District of Karnataka, focusing on the skilling the needy focused groups viz. youths and women to achieve their dreams and become a constructive citizens.


BEEM Rural Development Organization (BRDO) established in 2009, we have been working extensively for more than a decade to reach out communities to harness their potential, strive for self-supportive and find meaning in their lives.

Read some inspiring stories of our family and what they have to say about the programs.

Know about all the programs and events we have conducted so far.

If you wish to contribute to one of our programs and make a change, reach out to us.

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