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Ravi Kumar

Founder and Managing Trustee



Founder and Trustee

Ravi Kumar is a passionate young entrepreneur who believes that every individual has the right to lead a life with dignity and utilize their potential to thrive in their chosen profession. 

​With this intention in mind, he was motivated to establish the BEEM rural development organization in 2009.

​After his graduation, Ravi worked in a corporate bank for 8 years.  Having found a calling to work in the community, he quit his job and became an entrepreneur in the developmental sector. Ravi is passionate and committed to enabling sustainable living in the rural areas. 

Shobha has completed her masters in rural development with distinction. She has extensively researched and documented the various needs and requirements in the rural areas and has worked on creating sustainable solutions to resolve many of the challenges encountered in the rural sector.

Shobha oversees the operations of BEEM RDO and manages the day-to-day activities at the training centre.

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